With a global perspective of current and future trends in convenience retailing, Insight offers a range of products and solutions to help you and your team connect with a world of ideas and innovation.

Strategy advice at board level


Retailer CEOs and their teams need to stay as close to global innovations as they can. Sometimes they have the time to travel to see them for themselves, more often this is only an activity they can find time for every 3-4 years as part of a new format re-invention process. Insight often play a key role to plug the knowledge gap for senior retail management teams, sharing the latest strategies and winning ideas based upon real knowledge and experience in the world’s most developed markets.

Building on your success

A keen awareness of what is taking place at the cutting edge of retail is a powerful internal tool for business development, saving months of development time in building on your success.

If you are looking to capitalise on the opportunities shared by convenience and fuel retailers from around the globe, give Insight a call or send us an email to discuss how we may help you.



  • Where can I find best practice in convenience retailing today and what are the future trends?
  • How can I sustain margin and capitalise on future growth categories?
  • What is the right convenience store solution considering all available resources?
  • What food and beverage programs work best in which circumstances?
  • Which model will work best – developing a new convenience store concept, combining with an established foodservice franchise, or partnering with a leading supermarket?
  • How can I best manage the difficult middle ground between petrol and food retail? From brand identity to product offer, supply chain, the impact on site efficiency, model flexibility in variable sites, to human resource competencies.
  • How can I create a relevant, authentic and deliverable solution clearly communicated through a cohesive brand message and image?

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A global perspective of current and future trends in convenience retailing

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