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#24 SPAR International – A global perspective /26th Mar 2021

In this special edition of Shop Talk LIVE, SPAR International CEO, Tobias Wasmuht and Head of Brand Gary Harris walked an audience of 28 countries through the pivotal role flagship stores play in driving forward retail innovation in 14 of the 48 markets they operate in.

#23 Convenience in Australia – innovative and inspirational /26th Mar 2021

7-Eleven Australia’s CEO, Angus McKay joins Dan Munford and co-host Brett Barclay in this episode of Shop Talk LIVE. In the final segment, Managing Director of Bowser Bean Cafe/Vantage Fuels Haydn Tierney, shares his story.

#22 Convenience in the Middle East – the land of the roadside retailer /8th Mar 2021

ADNOC & ENOC, two of the leading retailers from the UAE, each present a fascinating insight into their retail innovation journeys in this episode of Shop Talk LIVE.

#21 Modern Retail in India – learnings from the East /8th Mar 2021

In this episode, we’re joined live from Mumbai by Dipayan Baishya and Pradeep Chechani and from London, Rimal Patel, Online Director at Tesco – they share their thoughts and insight into how technology is driving the pace of change in retail.


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