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Store visits can give clients a fast and efficient global benchmark of market position and provide them with a powerful internal tool for business development, saving months of development time. However, sometimes the best advice and learning can come in a workshop environment, an area Insight has considerable expertise and reputation in.

Insight workshops are highly interactive and a valuable exercise for companies wishing to benchmark their own development against world class operators and to take time out as a team to consider plans for the future. Workshops feature tailored presentations, videos and guest retailer and consultant presentations. They range in subject matter from creating a fresh food brand identity in petroleum retail, to latest innovation in foodservice and own brand positioning and development. Locations vary from London to Sydney, or New York.

(Direttore Generale, Despar Servizi – Managing Director, SPAR Italy)

“We wanted a review on our own brand strategy and benchmark our business against UK retailers. Insight’s workshop really helped us understand the market player positions from ASDA to Waitrose. And the time outside of our own work environment facilitated by experienced consultants was very valuable”

Our objective position in the international industry (in partnership with NACS) has also allowed us to develop significant international connections and goodwill. This allow us to act as a “bridge” in setting up connections between non-competing international retailers. Our expertise matches up businesses and facilitates the exchange of practical experience at the most senior level. These exchanges can be very valuable for retailers looking to find out the practical details of operational change.

Issues can enormously, from a requirement to assess the costs of implementing a new technological innovation like electronic shelf edge labels or assisted checkout, to preparations for legislative change in tobacco display regulation, to the practicalities of managing successful relationships between oil companies and retailers in joint ventures for both parties. Our customers have found it a very useful service.

(Retail Marketing Strategist, Engen Petroleum, South Africa)

“Our senior management group found this latest UK & Irish market benchmarking programme the best yet. Insight’s ability to facilitate a mix of focused peer reviews with advanced fuels and convenience store operators like Topaz, tailored programmes of hosted store visits and workshops with specialist consultants gave us great value”.

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