EV Workshop

Successfully adapting your network for the future will require timing the right response as our industry faces this long term transition.

Future of Roadside Retail 

The car industry’s heavy-hitters have been transforming their businesses and plunging billions into the design and development of electric cars. Consequently, in the near future we’re going to see the fruits of that huge investment.

As our industry faces this long term transition one thing is certain; timing the right response is essential to successfully adapting your network for the future.

This requires careful consideration.

Insight Research’s online workshop considers this future, drawing on lessons from Norway. Once seen as an outliner, the Norwegian market experience now provides valuable learnings and insight for other markets in earlier stages of navigating this generational change.

Norwegian Experience

As Norway reaches mass market EV adoption, our two hour online session traces its journey over the past decade.

We examine what is happening in Norway now and why, while considering the impact of policy through to user experience, drawing on the latest data from the 2020 BEV Norwegian user survey which tracks the EV market in Norway.

The variation in strategy from Norway’s leading forecourt operators offers up valuable insight, from going-all-in through to a more cautious approach.

There is no doubt Circle K has lead the way in responding to the disruption in mobility and the consequent impact on customer behaviour. We explore how they have used Norway as a global test market for EVs as they roll out these learnings globally. 

Online Workshop

Recognising the strategic importance of this transition for our industry, Insight has closely followed the development in Norway for a number of years.

In 2018, Retail Vision TV featured Circle K’s then flagship site Rygge, in an Audi dealership in Oslo we sat down with Jacob Schram and discussed the mobility revolution looking out to 2030 and prior to the pandemic we frequently lead strategic market visits to Norway with leading retailers from our industry.

While the right response and pace of implementation will be different for every retailer, our online workshop is designed to support your teams understanding of the key trends, helping to inform and shape your strategy development.

This interactive workshop includes presentations from local market experts and we’ll share with your team our virtual tour of Circle K’s brand new Bamble flagship store in Norway as a pre-watch for inspiration.

If you are interested in finding out more about our two hour online workshop for you and your team, please email us at; info@insightresearch.co.uk or send us a message contact us


“Thanks again to you and the team for an extremely thought-provoking session last week. We will be considering many of the issues and insights you raised over the next few weeks, and I would expect that we will want to follow up on some of these in more detail with you and the team.”
Global Head of Convenience Retail, BP


In a time of massive disruption and equally large opportunity, we offer a global perspective of current and future trends in convenience and mobility retailing.

EV Workshop

As our industry faces this long-term transition one thing is certain; timing the right response is essential to successfully adapting your network for the future.

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