In a time of massive disruption and equally large opportunity, we offer a global perspective of current and future trends in convenience and mobility retailing.

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As our industry faces this long-term transition one thing is certain; timing the right response is essential to successfully adapting your network for the future.

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STL 33 Brazil

#41 e-Mobility Retail in North America – with Parkland and Gilbarco

Parkland USA CEO Doug Haugh and Scott Sharabura, VP of Strategy at Parkland Corporation join Dan Munford and new Shop Talk LIVE anchor Carolyn Schnare, in this episode of Shop Talk LIVE.


#39 The future of roadside retail – with EG Group & Lion Place

In this episode we explore the future of foodservice in roadside retail featuring two of the World’s most exciting formats, FGC’s Lion Place in Argentina and EG Group’s LEON DriveThru in the UK.

STL 28 Wawa

#38 Autonomous Checkout – the future for retail?

Dan Munford and Frank Beard are joined by Jesse Chester, Category Leadership Director at Mars, Scott Wu, Compass Group North America’s Chief Technology Officer of Compass Digital Labs and Jordan Fisher, Standard AI’s CEO

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Insight Research are the global relationship partner for NACS, the international association for convenience and fuel retailing based in Washington DC.