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There’s plenty of businesses out there ready to arrange a generic store tour for you - and we’re not one of them! To do so would be a waste of your time and our network!

Our clients don’t just want to observe and review. They want the context that comes with hearing from experts and a detailed understanding of the market dynamics at play.  They want to make new relevant contacts and have answers to specific key questions.  


Our job is to hear what you need and then construct the perfect programme for you. We’re able to combine our network, our knowledge of key markets and our thoughtful approach to ensure your investment in time is highly productive!

European Convenience Retailer Case Study

Case Study

A leading European convenience retailer recently asked us to construct a store visit programme for their outgoing and incoming CEOs as part of a planned handover.

We put together an executive programme that combined the latest retail and hospitality inspiration, hosted visits to several non-competing retailers in 2 leading markets and included time to digest findings and discuss strategy.

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